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What to Expect After LASIK Surgery


Immediately after surgery

Immediately after your LASIK procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort. Your vision will be blurry, and you’ll be sensitive to light. Your eyes will be watery, and you’ll instinctively want to itch them. It’s important not to rub or scratch your eyes after LASIK surgery as this can dislodge the flap in your cornea and negatively impact the healing process. You’ll be given an eye guard to prevent you from touching your eye or eyelids. Once you feel well enough to leave, a designated friend or family member can drive you home.

It’s important to give your eyes plenty of rest on the day of your surgery and in the weeks afterward. Your surgeon will prescribe eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated while they heal.


In the days after surgery

You should experience improved vision a few hours after your surgery or in the days afterward. Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up evaluation 24 to 48 hours after your surgery to test your vision and examine your eyes. You’ll still be sensitive to light, glares, halos and starbursts during this time. If your eye discomfort gets worse or escalates to significant pain, contact your surgeon immediately. But the majority of discomfort usually resolves within the first week after surgery.


In the weeks and months after surgery

In the weeks and months after LASIK eye surgery, your discomfort will gradually go away, and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities. You may experience prolonged irritation due to dryness during the 3 to 6 month period after your surgery, so we recommend using artificial tears. You may also experience sensitivity to light, glares, halos, and starbursts, but these symptoms are mild and usually improve with time.


How long do I have to wait to _______?

It’s important to refrain from some of your normal activities after LASIK eye surgery to let your eyes heal properly. Here’s a list of activities that you should refrain from in the weeks after your surgery:


Most patients can drive the day after their surgery as long as they have been cleared by their surgeon. You should be careful driving at night because your eyes will be sensitive to halos, glares and starbursts.

Wear Makeup

You should wait for up to two weeks before wearing makeup again. Makeup, creams, lotions and perfumes can all increase your risk of infection in the weeks after LASIK eye surgery.

Swim/hot tub

Refrain from swimming for four weeks after your LASIK eye surgery. We recommend you use goggles in the weeks and months after your surgery until your eyes have fully recovered.

Play sports

You should wait 2-4 weeks before returning to sports. Ask your surgeon for specific recommendations. We recommend you use protective eye gear when you start playing again. It’s important to protect your eyes from being hit or bumped during this period.



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