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At Columbus Laser & Cataract Center, we understand your need for clear vision to lead an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Whether it’s completing normal daily tasks or appreciating the beauty of the Columbus scenery, lifelong sight and a high quality of life go hand-in-hand. We offer compassionate care and superior expertise proven through our excellent reviews. We strive to empower patients to see clearly and live confidently!

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What Is Advanced Surface Treatment?

If you want to correct refractive errors but are not a good candidate for LASIK treatment, Advanced Surface Treatment (AST), also known as Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), may be right for you. The latest modification of refractive surgery and Epi-LASEK, AST improves upon these models, offering a more effective, comfortable, and streamlined procedure. Ideal for those with thin corneas, chronic dry eye, high prescriptions, and other special considerations, AST laser vision correction improves refractive errors, like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism—utilizing the same, advanced laser that we use for LASIK.

What Are The Differences Between LASIK and AST?

Though LASIK and AST typically result in equal levels of improved vision, their surgical processes and recovery timelines are very different. During LASIK, our surgeons create a flap in the top layer of the cornea, shape the cornea underneath, and then replace the flap. Because the topmost layer of the cornea remains intact, recovery is generally quick and comfortable—though LASIK flap complications could still occur.

During AST, our surgeons completely remove the top layer of the central cornea, also known as the epithelium, shaping the cornea and correcting refractive errors directly on the surface. Our specialists then apply a soft contact lens over the eye. This acts as a bandage while the cornea heals itself, providing protection and enhanced comfort in the absence of the top corneal layer. Within a few days, this tissue regenerates, the contact lens is removed, and vision gradually improves throughout the following weeks.

What's The Difference Between AST and LASIK?
Is Advanced Surface Treatment Right For You?

Is Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) Right for You?

When you visit us for your complimentary consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate your eyes and learn more about your health history. Using this information, we can better determine which form of refractive error correction will be optimal for your unique eye structure, goals, and lifestyle.

You may be an excellent candidate for AST if you want to improve your vision and:

Are not eligible for LASIK: AST can accommodate many issues that are typically barriers to LASIK surgery, like dry eye, high prescriptions, or thin corneas.

Want a simplified procedure: Creating a flap for LASIK is an additional step to laser vision correction. Though complications are incredibly rare, they can occur. Some patients choose to avoid the small additional risk by opting for AST which eliminates creating a flap and any possible associated flap complications.

Are committed to longer recovery: Because the top layer of the cornea is entirely removed with AST, recovery is longer. It is generally recommended that patients only have one eye operated on at a time for a smoother recovery.

What Should You Expect During AST Laser Surgery?

AST is a relatively comfortable procedure that takes only 5 to 8 minutes per eye. Before surgery begins, we will apply numbing eye drops, administer Valium to ease your nerves, and use a small device to keep your eye open during the procedure. Most patients report minimal sensation or discomfort during the entire process.

During this time, our surgeons will be hard at work, shaping your cornea with the WaveLight ® Allegretto Wave ® Eye-Q Laser, correcting your refractive errors, and then placing a soft contact lens over your eye to expedite healing. If you are nervous about laser eye surgery, don’t worry. Our laser is optimized to provide the best possible results—with precision and safety—and our surgeons are experts.

As your top corneal layer grows back during the first few days post-op, your vision and comfort level will noticeably improve. Within only a few weeks, your vision will stabilize, allowing you to enjoy the clearer, improved sight you deserve.

What to Expect With AST

Ready to Get Your Best Vision?

If you are considering laser vision correction, call us today to schedule a consultation with our specialists. We’ll conduct any necessary tests, evaluate your eyes, and determine whether AST or LASIK could be the solution for you.

“Dr. Beran and his entire staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. They were honest from the beginning letting me know LASIK wasn’t an option for me and giving me other ideas on how to improve my vision. I ended up having the AST done and it is fantastic! I have had corrective lenses for nearly 30 years and being able to live everyday without the help of them now has changed my life! Thank you Dr. Beran and the Columbus Laser & Cataract Center!!”

Kari G.
5-Star Review

“I am so glad that I chose to have my Advanced Surface Treatment at the facility. The staff and physicians have been nothing short of caring, attentive and amazing. Thank you for helping me to get rid of those glasses and contacts! I’m looking forward to all the days of clear vision ahead! Thanks again!”

Lionel H.
5-Star Review

“From beginning to end this practice/facility made me feel educated, important and comfortable. Dr. Beran and his staff are extremely skilled, and I am amazed at the life changing results from my treatment! The surgery center is efficient, comfortable and recovery is quick and painless. Thanks to Dr. Beran and his team, especially Traci for making this process an extremely positive experience. Highly recommended!!”

Pam K.
5-Star Review

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