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We know that Ohio residents need clear vision to lead an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Our passion is delivering on that promise. Whether it’s completing normal daily tasks or appreciating the beauty of the Columbus Ohio scenery, getting rid of dry eye is one of the keys to a fulfilling life! We offer compassionate eye care and superior expertise proven through our excellent reviews. Our aim is to empower you and guide you to clearer vision without the hassle of experiencing dry eyes!

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What Is Dry Eye Treatment?

Are you one of the 30 million Americans who suffers from dry eye? It is an uncomfortable, chronic condition that can interfere with a patient’s daily functioning. Though there is no cure for this eye condition, understanding its causes, modifying your lifestyle, and seeking our eye services can improve your quality of life in Ohio—allowing you to experience the comfort and clear vision you deserve.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

Dry eye can be difficult to manage and sometimes progressive. Since tears keep the cornea clear, provide lubrication, and remove irritants from the eye, decreased tear production and higher rates of tear evaporation can lead to sometimes debilitating symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include the following:


  • Blurry, cloudy vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Gritty feeling of something in the eye
  • Pain, stinging, or burning of the eyes
  • Eye Redness
  • Excessive tearing and watering
  • Difficulty wearing contacts
  • Problems driving at night
What Are Symptoms of Dry Eye?
What Causes Dry Eye?

What Causes Dry Eyes?

There are many factors that can cause or exacerbate dry eye—reduced tear production, disruption in the composition of the tear film, or increased rates of tear evaporation. Finding the cause of your eye condition is key to finding your most effective treatment. Some common causes include the following:

Age: At older ages, the risk of developing it increases as tear production slows down.

Gender: Women tend to experience it more frequently than men due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, or birth control medications.

Medications: Some common medications, like antihistamines, can lead to decreased tear production.

Preexisting medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, like diabetes or thyroid issues, elevate your risk.

Inflammation: Inflammation of the eyes and eyelids can increase your risk of developing it.

Improper blinking: Blinking is crucial for tear distribution. Incomplete and less frequent blinking (common when using digital devices) can make eyes drier.

Environmental factors: Allergens, irritants in the air, wind, or humidity can all dry out tears and cause eye discomfort.

Dry Eye Treatments

If you suffer from dry eye, it is crucial to seek adequate treatment to prevent the worsening of symptoms and restore your quality of life. Additionally, for Ohio patients who need cataracts removed, fixing it is essential. Without eye treatment, it may worsen after surgery. And, for patients who are also receiving an intraocular lens for refractive errors, fixing dry eye can lead to better visual outcomes.

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Luckily, there are a variety of options available to treat it. We are proud to offer advanced diagnostic eye imaging tools, like LipiView ® as well as the revolutionary, non-invasive treatment LipiFlow ® for getting rid of dry eye.

Dry Eye Treatments
LipiView Imaging

LipiView Imaging

LipiView eye imaging allows our ophthalmic experts to determine whether you have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye that impacts tear composition and evaporation. By using advanced, diagnostic tools, our eye experts can determine the optimal treatment plan for your best eye health based on information about your tears, blink pattern, meibum (oil) glands, severity, and overall eye needs.

Giving You the Relief You Deserve

If our LipiView imaging shows that you suffer from MGD, you may be a good candidate for the advanced treatment, LipiFlow.

Why Choose LipiFlow?

LipiFlow treats MGD, the cause of up to 86% of all dry eye cases. This progressive eye condition occurs when oil glands in the eyelid are blocked—or have died off completely. Tears are comprised of an oil, water, and mucus layer, and since MGD leads to an imbalance of oil in the tears, the water layer rapidly evaporates, leaving eyes dry and uncomfortable.

The LipiFlow procedure targets the underlying cause of evaporative dry eye, using thermal pulsation technology to gently loosen, unclog, and improve circulation of oils from the meibomian glands. During this comfortable, 12-minute procedure, eyepieces gently heat eyelids and use pulsing pressure to deliver drug-free results.

Dry eye is a chronic condition, and though LipiFlow cannot cure it, the procedure can prevent dry eye from worsening by unclogging glands and keeping them from dying off. This procedure is a powerful eye supplement to other dry eye treatments, like eye drops, medications, and good eyelid hygiene.

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LipiFlow’s clinically-proven results may take several weeks or months to fully develop, but they can last from 6 to 12 months or longer. If you are ready to experience the LipiFlow difference, call our Ohio based eye center today to discuss whether this procedure could ease your dry eye and provide you with the relief you deserve.

Why Choose LipiFlow?
“1. Always a very clean office environment. 2. Kind and courteous office staff while checking-in, scheduling appointments, and discussing payment arrangements. 3. Scheduled appointments stay on track during my office visits. 4. Technicians always clean equipment before starting exams.”

Kathi H.
5-Star Review

“From beginning to end this practice/facility made me feel educated, important and comfortable. Dr. Beran and his staff are extremely skilled, and I am amazed at the life-changing results! The surgery center is efficient, comfortable and recovery is quick and painless. Thanks to Dr. Beran and his team, especially Traci for making this process an extremely positive experience. Highly recommended!!”

Pam K.
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“I am so glad I chose CLCC to do my procedure! The staff was absolutely amazing and made me feel right at home! I cannot say enough good things about the staff and their professionalism. Truly some of the most caring doctors in Columbus! My only regret is not having it done sooner!”

Terry N.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dry eye is a serious medical condition?

Unfortunately, many people in Ohio leave their dry eye untreated, believing that this condition is a nuisance rather than a medical problem. However, untreated dry eye is not only linked to poor quality of life and vision, but also to a higher risk of eye infection and corneal scarring.

Can you have watery eyes and suffer from dry eye?
Watery eyes and excessive tearing can actually be symptoms of dry eye. In fact, tearing is a sign that your eyes are attempting to compensate for chronic dryness. Don’t ignore these symptoms. Treat them seriously and visit your ophthalmologist.
Can lifestyle factors impact your condition?
Consistent screen time, wearing eye makeup, smoking, or wearing contacts can all impact your comfort level if you suffer from dry eye. For personalized suggestions to help manage your condition, schedule an appointment with our ophthalmic experts.
Can anti-redness eye drops be harmful?
Artificial tears that are recommended to you by your ophthalmologist can treat dry eye effectively. But not all eye drops will benefit your condition. In fact, redness relief eye drops contain additives and ingredients that worsen tear production over time.
How do I get a unique treatment plan?
Combatting dry eye—especially more advanced cases—requires a personalized approach. Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can help you find the perfect combination of medications, artificial tears, lifestyle changes, or treatments, like LipiFlow, to target your needs.

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