See the World on Earth Day

Apr 15, 2021

Earth Day is around the cornerthe perfect time to appreciate the beauty of nature! However, what good is it if you are not able to clearly see the beautiful sunset or wildlife around you? Read on to find out the most eco-friendly vision improvement options and how to enjoy your best vision as you celebrate Earth Day.

How eco-friendly are your glasses or contacts?

Glasses and contacts are the most common ways that people correct their refractive errors. However, both have an impact on the environment. Though soft contact lenses are made of plastic, they are difficult to recycle. Research shows that anywhere from 6 to 10 metric tons of plastic lenses end up in the ocean annually. As daily disposable lenses become increasingly popular, this number may continue to rise—though disposable lenses do reduce the waste related to contact lens solution. On the other hand, glasses contribute to pollution during manufacturing. However, they can be conveniently upcycled and donated to those in need.

If you have been considering refractive error surgery, you will be happy to hear that options like LASIK or Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) can offer you clearer vision—without plastic waste. There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with clear eyesight and a greener vision for the future!

Enjoying Earth Day with healthy, clear vision

If you enjoy the outdoors, clear vision from LASIK and AST offers many benefits! We all know that nature is messy and unpredictable. With spectacle- and contact-free vision, you won’t have to deal with smudged or dirty lenses, broken frames, or issues concerning contact lens hygiene. While many people are used to wearing contact lenses all day, most brands only recommend a maximum of 12 hours of wear time. Switching from contacts into glasses on the trail or in the woods is not hygienic during your outdoor adventures. But it may be necessary if you lose a contact lens, if you have worn contacts for longer than recommended, or if windy conditions have dried out your contacts and made them uncomfortable.

No matter what, keep your eyes safe and protected as you take in the beauty of nature. Always wear sunglasses that provide UV protection when you are outdoors. If you are headed into the water or pool, bring goggles to protect your eyes from bacteria in the water—especially if you have recently had eye surgery. And, if you are enjoying outdoor sporting activities, safety goggles are a must.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

Exploring the world with clear vision is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and it’s even better to do so in a safe and eco-friendly way! With LASIK or AST, there are no limitations on what you can do and where you can go. After refractive error surgery, you’ll see the day and seize the day—without worrying about breaking your glasses during a hike or losing a contact while trying to enjoy nature. If you are ready to improve your vision and see the beautiful world clearly, call our team today at 614.939.1600!