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Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) in Columbus, Ohio

Advanced Surface Treatment (AST), also referred to as Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), is the most recent modification of PRK and Epi-LASEK. Able to achieve the same vision improvements as LASIK, this procedure can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

What is Advanced Surface Treatment (AST)?

Advanced Surface Treatment is a painless vision correction procedure. First, a small area of the surface tissue over the central cornea is removed. Then, a laser is applied to the structural layer of the eye to change its shape and correct the vision. Finally, a contact lens is applied to help the healing process, like a bandage.

How is AST different from LASIK?

There are several layers in a cornea. During LASIK, the eye surgeon creates a flap that is lifted so the cornea can be reshaped at a deeper level. After reshaping, the flap is replaced. AST is performed without creating a flap in the top layer of the corneal tissue. Instead, the surgeon reshapes the cornea directly on the surface. By placing the laser vision correction right on the surface of the cornea, rather than creating a flap, people with more difficult vision issues or special situations can improve their vision.

Does AST provide the same level of vision correction as LASIK?

Yes, vision correction is just as good in the long run as with LASIK. The healing time with Advanced Surface Ablation, however, is longer and it’s often recommended to have only one eye operated on, wait until it heals, and then have surgery on the other eye.

Who is a candidate?

Patients with thin, scarred or irregular corneas, chronic dry eyes or high prescriptions, along with people who play high contact sports or have a lifestyle that precludes them from getting LASIK, are all potential candidates for AST.

What are the benefits?

Because the vision correction is performed on the surface of the cornea rather than a deeper layer, Advanced Surface Treatments preserve the structural integrity of the cornea, reducing the risk of corneal injuries.

What is the healing process?

The surface skin regenerates over the week following surgery. During this time, the comfort and vision of the eye will vary; however, vision is usually adequate to drive and return to work soon after the bandage lens is removed.

Which eye surgery is right for me?

LASIK and AST are equally effective as both are performed with the same laser and yield the same great outcome. The extensive experience of Dr. Beran and Dr. Weber is imperative in selecting the optimal technique for your eyes and it is our goal to design a personalized treatment plan using the best and safest technique for you.

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