Beat Winter Dry Eye With LipiFlow®

Jan 15, 2021

Dry eye is a pain—especially around the winter holiday season. If the cold Ohio weather is leading to discomfort, it’s time to take action. Without proper care, dry eye can progress over time, so it is important to address this condition promptly with innovative treatments, like LipiFlow. Read on for information about your January dry eye dilemma!

What is dry eye? 

Dry eye is an uncomfortable and common condition that impacts a patient’s quality of life. This condition has a multitude of symptoms including, blurry, cloudy vision, sensitivity to light, redness, and pain around the eyes.

There are several factors that can exacerbate or worsen dry eye. Some include preexisting medical conditions, inflammation, eyestrain, medications, and environmental concerns, like the current cold and dry weather. You may be surprised to learn that dry eye is also more frequent among women, due largely to hormones.

How do I treat dry eye?

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is associated with up to 86% of all dry eye cases. It occurs when the meibomian (oil) glands become plugged. When oils are not secreted adequately, the water components of tears can quickly evaporate, leading to discomfort. The LipiFlow procedure aims to alleviate this underlying cause of dry eye, using thermal pulsation technology that loosens and improves the circulation of oils from the meibomian glands. Because MGD and dry eye can be progressive, it is important to seek treatment before glands dry up entirely.

Why should I consider LipiFlow?

We all know that Ohio winters can be chilly, so treat your dry eye before the cold worsens your symptoms. If you are considering cataract surgery in the new year, treating your dry eye is especially important. Seeking dry eye treatment can help you enjoy better visual outcomes from your intraocular lens.

Even if you aren’t considering cataract surgery, LipiFlow may be a good option. Though this procedure does not cure dry eye altogether, it does prevent this chronic condition from worsening. Plus, it only takes 12 minutes and does not cause discomfort or pain.

Prevent future discomfort and set yourself up for a better new year. If you have any questions regarding dry eye, LipiFlow, or any eye surgery-related questions, give our Columbus Laser and Cataract Center team a call at 614-939-1600!