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As leading specialists in our field we focus on specialized forms of eye care as opposed to general vision care in order to continue providing world-class vision services to our customers. We’re providing the best possible treatments for cataract, dry eye, and LASIK, and other specialized treatments that are available. Because we believe in immediate solutions with lasting results we have built close relationships with general health providers near Newark and are able to provide references for general eyecare professionals. We understand that comprehensive eye care goes beyond surgery and prioritize making sure our customers are taken care of beyond cataract surgery, LASIK, and other specialized forms of eyecare. Our eye doctors have a combined 50+ years of experience, over 70,000 procedures, and continue to pursue certification and vision education in advancing forms of eyecare and technology.

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Understanding Cataracts

Cataracts naturally begin to form as we age which inturn causes vision to become cloudy over time. The overall clarity of your visions begins to reduce and the clouding blocks light from entering into the lens of your eye. Globally cataracts are the #1 cause of vision loss and impaired vision.

Cataract removal surgery has a success rate of over 99% in the US, and if properly addressed within a quick timeframe vision can be restored. Our advanced treatment clears the eye of any cloudiness caused by cataracts and during the same procedure we are able to correct other refractive errors that may be causing issues. Like many health related issues, addressing eye cataracts in a timely manner makes treatment more effective and easier. Surgery to fix cataracts is a highly successful, simple surgery that can bring clear vision back into your life.

Cataracts Symptoms

Cataract Symptoms

While it’s possible for just one eye to need surgery, both eyes can develop issues from cataracts. Even if symptoms are progressing slowly it’s in your best interest to make an appointment with your eye doctor and maintain those visits annually. While the most common symptom of a cataract is cloudy vision, there are multiple types of cataracts that can form including nuclear, subcapsular, and cortical varieties. The symptoms range from seeing spots, light sensitivity and difficulty seeing at night, degrading depth perception, less colorful vision, and your near vision temporarily being improved. If you’re concerned about the potential of cataracts forming in your eye, have a professional eye doctor examine you. You may greatly benefit from a consultation with a surgeon and having surgery performed before the lenses become overly cloudy and cause severely impaired vision.

Cataract Risk Factors and Development

Even though we cannot stop the aging of eyes, we know that living a healthy lifestyle can greatly slow down the forming of cataracts. Through making healthy daily habits, implementing preventative eye care as a part of your life, and having regular checkups with your eyecare professional you can greatly reduce the risk of needing cataract surgery. Being on top of your vision health is the #1 thing you can do to protect yourself. A few of the indicators for high risk of eye cataracts are high UV ray exposure, high blood pressure, a history of smoking, diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity, and advanced age. Some of these indicators aren’t always in our control, but understanding how these can affect your eye health and being proactive can be the difference in needing surgery or maintaining healthy vision. If any of these high risk factors apply to you, keeping to an annually scheduled eye appointment will allow you and your eye doctor to identify cataract development early on so your treatment has the highest chance of immediate success and your recovery time will be shortened.

Cataract Risk Factors and Development
Cataract Surgery and Other Vision Services

Cataract Surgery and Other Vision Services

Columbus Laser & Cataract Center offers excellent specialized eye care including cataract surgery, LASIK, dry eye, and AST. Poor and cloudy vision can be debilitating, which is why we are proud to be a leading cataract center near Newark OH and continue offering our specialized services to bring clear vision back into your life. Among our specialized services we offer an Implantable Contact Lens, a simple procedure that allows a contact lens to remain in your eye permanently and has the potential to work perfectly the rest of your life.

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Living with cataract problems, astigmatisms, dry eye, or any other conditions that cause vision problems can be debilitating and lower one’s quality of life. For many of the vision problems that occur throughout one’s life there are advanced treatments that can bring back the stronger, clearer, superior vision you once had. Servicing the greater Columbus Ohio area, we are ready to help you with any cataract surgery, LASIK, or other vision problems. Contact Columbus Laser & Cataract Center to make an appointment and get started on your journey back to better vision.

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