Eye Surgery Before the Winter Holidays

Nov 22, 2021

Choosing when to get eye surgery is a big decision. But, if you are a good candidate for a procedure, undergoing eye surgery can bring you clearer vision and make a better quality of life possible. Here’s why we think now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to discuss the procedure you’ve been considering.

Cold weather

Local contact-wearers know that Ohio winter winds can quickly dry out eyes. Cold weather can cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms and people who wear contacts are more likely to feel discomfort from dry eyes. Undergoing LASIK or AST before the winter hits can help you avoid a season full of dry contacts or foggy glasses. No matter the season, refractive error surgery is a great solution for providing clearer vision for life, without the need for glasses or contacts!

If you are suffering from chronic dry eyes, book an appointment with our experts. Our LipiView® imaging diagnostic tool can help us understand the cause of your dry eye and determine if you could benefit from advanced treatment like LipiFlow®. This cutting-edge, noninvasive therapy unclogs oil glands, tackling the cause of dry eye and providing lasting relief.

Seeing what matters most

The holiday season is a time to gather with loved ones, hear their voices, and see their faces. If you are thinking about undergoing eye surgery, consider booking your appointment before the holidays. After many travel restrictions and social distancing, make the most of the holidays. Enjoy the company of people you care about by actually seeing them and the beautiful world around you.

If you are suffering from blurry or spotty vision, sensitivity to lights and glare, less colorful vision, or difficulty seeing at night, call our experts to determine if you have cataracts and could benefit from surgery. With better vision, you can be fully present with those you love, comfortable behind the wheel, and no longer distracted by inconvenient cataracts. 

Give yourself the gift of sight

The winter holidays are a season of giving, so celebrate this season by giving yourself the gift of better vision! An investment in your vision is an investment in your quality of life and confidence. Not only do you deserve the best version of yourself, but so do the people you care about!

Book your appointment

If you are ready to improve your life, contact Columbus Laser & Cataract Center today! No matter the season, it’s time to take control of your vision.