Fall in Love With Your Post-LASIK Vision

Feb 9, 2022

LASIK can be a quality-of-life changing procedure. Fortunately, LASIK is a quick surgery with a typically mild and uncomplicated recovery process. While the recovery period may be relatively short, it is essential to take care of your eyes after LASIK so you get results you love. If you plan to undergo LASIK surgery soon, keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth healing process.

Don’t do these things after LASIK

  • Rub your eyes: Your eyes may feel itchy but rubbing them can injure the cornea and impede the healing process. Hands off!
  • Get steam and water in your eyes: Avoid saunas and hot tubs following your surgery. Face away from the showerhead to keep your eyes dry. You should not go swimming for at least four weeks after your surgery, and, when you do, don’t forget to wear goggles.
  • Spend time in dusty or dirty environments: Dust and dirt can irritate your eyes and increase the likelihood of infection. Try to stay in clean, dry areas, and wear the eye guard given to you after your procedure if you expect to encounter debris.
  • Putting on makeup: Makeup, lotions, and creams can get in your eye and increase your risk of infection. For at least two weeks following surgery, avoid these products.
  • Overexertion: Sports and high-intensity exercises are best saved for at least two weeks after your LASIK procedure. If you return to a sport after your procedure, wear the proper protective eyewear to keep your newly improved eyes safe from injury.
  • UV exposure: Your eyes may be more sensitive to light as they heal. This is normal, and wearing dark sunglasses outside or in bright indoor lighting can help. Everyone should wear sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection to keep their eyes healthy when they’re outside, especially people recovering from LASIK.

Do these things for a smooth recovery

  • Rest: For the first few days after your surgery, let yourself relax. Low-stress activities and sleep provide the rest that your eyes need to heal.
  • Use your eye drops: To keep your recovery process as smooth as possible and achieve the best visual outcome from your surgery, use your eye drops as directed by your ophthalmologist. Doing this will help prevent infection and inflammation.
  • Blink frequently: It is normal for eyes to feel itchy or dry as they heal from LASIK. Blinking often keeps your eyes moisturized and can alleviate itchiness.
  • Spend time away from screens: Screen time can dry out eyes by causing infrequent blinking. Screens also require lots of focus at a short distance, which may fatigue eyes. Take it easy for a few days following surgery and give your eyes a rest from screens.
  • Wash your hands: You don’t want to risk transferring germs from your hands to your face or eyes throughout the day. You should do your best to avoid touching your eyes anyway, but clean hands mean a lower risk of infection. 

Remember to always follow Dr. Beran’s and Dr. Weber’s instructions to keep your LASIK recovery as quick and comfortable as can be! Remaining vigilant about postoperative eye care will help you fall in love with your post-LASIK vision. Give us a call at (614) 939-1600 if you have any questions about the LASIK procedure or recovery protocol—the team at Columbus Laser & Cataract Center is happy to help you!