Practice Firework Safety this Fourth of July

Jul 2, 2022

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it can be easy to forget something as important as firework safety with all of the festivities. Around 15% of fireworks injuries are eye injuries, with the most severe injuries causing permanent vision loss and eye damage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, deaths and severe injuries caused by fireworks increased by 50%, with the majority of the victims being young children and bystanders. For this Fourth of July, be aware of the risks of using at-home fireworks and protect your familys vision.

How Fireworks Can Harm Your Vision

As an explosive product, fireworks are inherently difficult to control. Even the strictest safety measures and adult supervision cannot account for duds, misfires, sparks or debris that may threaten ones vision. When it comes to eye injuries, the ones caused by fireworks tend to be especially severe due to the combination of chemicals, force, and heat that they emit. These injuries can include a detached retina, ruptured eyeball, scratches on the cornea, and burns. Setting firm rules before using fireworks, such as wearing eye protection, standing a safe distance away, or wearing flame-resistant clothing, can help prevent injuries. Still, safety is never guaranteed when using explosives. Every year, thousands of people sustain preventable lacerations, burns, and other severe injuries from using fireworks.

Although sparklers may seem safer for Fourth of July festivities due to their small size, they are responsible for roughly 1,400 eye injuries per year. Sparklers continue to be viewed as child-friendly, yet they can get up to a temperature of 3,000. These eye injuries can be caused by the sparks emitted from sparklers, burns, and even falls. Its important to keep the following fireworks safety tips in mind if your family chooses to use fireworks at home, so you can protect the vision of you and your loved ones.

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • Consider attending a professional fireworks display, such as Red, White and Boom!
  • Stand a safe distance away from any fireworks
  • Seek help immediately if you experience an eye injury of any kind

If you or a loved one experiences a severe eye injury at any fireworks display, remain calm, and refer to the following safety instructions to make sure that the eye isnt injured further:

  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Dont rub, rinse, or apply pressure to your eyes, as this may worsen the injury
  • Dont apply any ointments or take any pain medication
  • Dont remove any foreign objects, or debris stuck in your eye, as it could increase the damage done to the eye

Make sure your Fourth of July celebrations are safe and fun for the whole family by following our safety guidelines and tips! Do the responsible thing and visit a professional fireworks display instead of using at-home fireworks that may put your safety at risk. With these tips in mind, you’ll set your vision up for success.