Three Ways to Keep Your Vision Healthy

Mar 5, 2020

March is Save Your Vision Month, making it the perfect time to learn about some easy, healthy eye habits. These small changes are also a great chance to lead a healthier lifestyle overall, getting your mind and body in better shape. Read on to find out how you can begin safeguarding your eye health and taking better care of your vision today.

Limit your screen time: Nowadays, it can feel harder than ever to step away from your smartphone or laptop for even a few minutes. Though blue light and screen exposure won’t damage vision, digital eyestrain can lead to temporary discomfort and exacerbate dry eye—a condition that can cause blurry vision. Blue light exposure late in the evening might also disrupt your sleep cycle, leading to eye fatigue the next day. If you have to spend a lot of time in front of a screen at work or during the day, try to limit your exposure when you aren’t at work.

Eat for your eyes: Many eye conditions are not fully preventable. However, diets high in vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A, C, and E and omega-3 fatty acids, have been linked with lower rates of some vision problems. These nutrients are often found in fruits and vegetables of all colors as well as fish, like salmon. Carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin are readily available in fresh produce and protein sources, such as eggs, zucchini, and green vegetables. These nutrients help protect the macula, improving pigment density while absorbing damaging ultraviolet light.

Protect your eyes: If you play a sport, mow the lawn, or just spend time outside, you should be wearing protective eyewear appropriate for the activity. Safety goggles, or more specific types of eyewear, can be obtained for sports or activities, like lawn care or skiing. Safety goggles protect your eyes from potential injuries and irritants (allergens, wood dust) that may exacerbate dry eye or cause damage. Likewise, UV-blocking sunglasses are also important to wear whenever you are spending time outside. Since UV ray damage may speed up the development of cataracts, sunglasses are essential for long-term eye health and vision.

No matter how complex your lifestyle, simple changes like staying cognizant of your screen usage and making small changes to your diet can have drastic effects over a long period of time. Taking a little extra care of your eyes now can help you have better vision in the future! Want more personalized tips? Call us today at 614.939.1600 to discuss how our experts can help you improve your vision.